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Linda Timmons

I have had over 20 years empowering others to live out their dreams and transform their lives.

Can Strength come in letters that form two words? For me it sure has and I hope as you get to know more about Sweet Strength that somehow it will begin to empower you to find your Sweet Strength from digging deep within. You see, words shaped, words formed, words thought, words spoken, words written, become memories etched, become present feelings, become emotions which come behavior. Simply stated. . .words thought over and over again become who you are. Who are you? What words do your thoughts form that design your path?

My husband came up with the name for my business, Sweet Strength, two months before he died from a massive heart attack while I tried to do CPR to no avail, he died in my arms. He was my best friend of 17 and half years. Prior to that we had lost our home and our financial security. My only son had gone in the Navy 6 months prior to losing Mark, and I had just had a bout with breast cancer. Little did he know that those words “Sweet Strength” that he shared with me on that day in November would become my saving grace that would compel me to move forward with each passing day. Little did I realize that same year that I would lose my sister-in-law unexpectedly in October, after a 34 year marriage to my brother, and my dad to kidney failure, on New Year’s Eve of 2012, my mom’s husband of 61 years. The rest of my story and my continued journey, and my passion of inspiring others, can be read in my book.

So . . .the words “Sweet Strength are more than words on a page……words that helped me get through the weeks and months and years after my husband’s death. Sweet Strength is what I strive to live by….they are not just words…but they are my saving grace, Sweet Strength is my business name in which I have a passion and desire to empower others to live their dreams by breaking paradigms and breaking through terror barriers that hold them back from discovering their true potential
I wrote this about 4 months after my husband died, I hope you will take the time to read it, because this is what “Sweet Strength” is to me………

What sweet strength means to me……………. (My grace is sufficient in your weakness)


You only gain strength from adversity…from pain….from suffering….from failures…..there is no other way to get stronger….you get stronger by looking at death….you are going to die and the only way to truly embrace life is to look at death. Strength to me is belief in the power of prayer….still….…even when your prayers don’t get answered in your way and your time. It is being able to say that my faith doesn’t look the same and that is ok…it is stronger, but different. Strength understands that after a loss of someone you love….your life is not the same….nor will it be the same….but it is finding the courage to find a new life, a new way of living and being ok with that. It is being able to get up each day and be thankful of everything…everything…good and bad. Strength is looking for the good in all things. It is the ability to see things from another person’s perspective….I am not always right. It is always the ability to swim against the current not with it…that takes no strength. It is the ability to say no and not have to give reasons for it. It is the ability to set your own boundaries so that you are not led around by others agendas. It is the ability to look at your weaknesses and accept them and build on your strengths. It is the ability to look at your failures and say to yourself…they weren’t really failures they were learning experiences, and hold your head up, brush your knees off, and move on no matter how many times you fall or fail….you get up…you get up…and you move with your head held high and your feet pointed to that goal. To realize that material things are just that material things….they can be taken from you at any time…you don’t really have security in them…that is an illusion. You don’t need most of what you accumulate, and you can live without more than you think. Allowing your heart to be open to love someone else even though it may feel, look, and be different…..but love is like that…..and that is good. To love yourself…to know you are beautiful…not a prideful beautiful…but a humble beautiful…because you are….I am. Loving yourself means having the strength to take care of yourself, your body, your mind, and your soul….loving others….if you don’t love yourself I am convinced you can’t love God or anyone else. We were meant to move and that is part of strength, moving. Strength is being able to stretch yourself past your comfort zone….your perceived limits……to learn new things…to be curious…to face those fears…after all, perfect love drives out fear. Strength is not being led by your emotions…but allowing yourself time to sit with them because they will pass and new one’s will come. Strength to me is allowing you to grieve over the loss of a loved one…but knowing that we really need to be grieving for ourselves…..because we haven’t made it home yet. I find strength in not taking myself too seriously and being able to laugh at myself….there is plenty to laugh at. Strength is never giving up… never….. never….. no matter what you may feel…you get up…to press through….and you know that your spirit will give you the strength if you put the action behind it. To respect others opinions, but you don’t have to be influenced by them. Oh…and don’t put expectations on others…they may not or cannot live up to them…and then you will be hurt and rejected….don’t let others put expectations on you either… just doesn’t work…we all let each other down…when we don’t live up to others or others don’t live up to what we think they should. Strength is being able to sit with someone in pain and not try to fix it. Because, only they know the pain they are in….you really don’t have a clue. To remember your job is to love others…not judge them…….and you can’t change others or save others…that is not your job…your job is to come along beside them and listen and empower. You can change yourself though…that is strength….changing you….not someone else. Strength being able to release yourself to be someone different….to look through different lens….to form new habits…..and be ok with letting go of values and beliefs that may not be benefiting you or those around you. To be determined not to stay the same. Or not to be in the same place too long…mentally…physically…or spiritually. Strength is the ability to always be free from the opinions of others….in other words. If someone tells you that you are beautiful….the next person could tell you that you are ugly……and both of those could influence your whole demeanor for the rest of the day….it’s just an opinion……from their view….Do you think you are beautiful or ugly? Strength is letting go of the past and not rehashing it again and again…it’s the past for Pete’s sake……. Let it go. We were designed to move forward not backwards…forgive others, because I somehow believe we have all done something somewhere along the line that needs forgiving…admitting when you are wrong and extending forgiveness. Strength for me is being able to receive criticism and not let it cripple me, but move me. Oh, yeah and Strength is realizing that you are not above any temptation … will fall….but you don’t have to stay there….Strength is realizing that just because you have money….success….beauty (external)…..status…whatever….it doesn’t mean you are better or above anyone else…always remember you put your pants on the same way everyone else does…one leg at the time. Strength is giving what you can to help others with whatever tools and gifts you have been given to do so, and lastly strength is developing those gifts and talents to their fullest ability, which is always more than you think you have.

For 20 years, Linda has been actively involved in the community. Her experiences with encouraging and empowering women have come from various settings – personal training, Life/Wellness Coaching, volunteer work, nonprofit settings, home groups, and through the non-profit organization, New Dawn/New Day, to help empower women with new tools that chose to get out of the sex industry, which she founded and was Executive Director.

Linda works one-on-one or in group settings with clients, assessing individual needs, creating personalized plans that take clients from where they are to where they would like to be – whether their goal is weight loss, starting an exercise program, a better marriage, finding joy in the midst of grief, stress management, finding balance, gaining confidence, a strong sense of self, a better marriage, debt elimination, wealth creation, or simply life satisfaction. Encouraging, motivating, and empowering others to take control of their thoughts and choices are her greatest strengths as your coach.

There is no planet, sun, or star that could hold you, if you but knew what you are.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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