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My Clients’ Stories

Being a college student with little funding and making the decision to go through Thinking Into Results was not the easiest one at first. I actually came across the program because I was far more interested in becoming a life coach myself rather than having my life changed, but I decided none the less that if I were to be some sort of life coach one day I’d have to be in the life coaching seat myself. I began reading into the program and soon became very excited about if and how my mind would transform over the next 6 months going through TIR. And I must say, it did. Linda McDandel could not have shown up into my life at a better time, and I could not have asked for a better life coach. Being in my last semester of my senior year – yes money was a concern, but where my life was headed after college and finding my true purpose in life was more so the concern. That is ultimately the reason why I ended up deciding to commit.

Before the program, I was unsure of how to pursue my goals, where to start, what my big dream even really was, and I was about to graduate college with a degree I didn’t even want to use. Going through TIR, my faith strengthened, my goals became clear, and now, I have landed a dream job working specifically within my passion less than 3 months out of college. Life still has its struggles, and I realized that going through a life coaching program does not eliminate life’s challenges, but if you are willing to open your mind and accept these challenges, it is this material that will teach you how to overcome and grow through them. The opportunities that have presented themselves to me since and during the 6 months I went through TIR would not have come to me if I hadn’t decided to go through with it. I honestly don’t know where I would be right now or what mindset I’d have if I’d never been exposed to this material.

The things I have learned through Thinking Into Results I will keep with me throughout my entire life. They are things I will always be able to implement in any given situation, and in any phase in life. They are things that have become part of my subconscious, changed the way I view myself, the world, and the people around me, and will forever have an impact on how I live my life. I can’t wait to see what my future has in store. Thank you Linda for an amazing journey.

Anja Evenson

Meeting Linda McDandel has truly been a life changing experience. Now 9 months later I feel like a different person. I’m eating healthier, working out regularly and feel better now at 59 than ever. Linda has a very unique ability and teaching style. She starts with rebuilding your foundation and by doing so gives you a desire to succeed. I feel very blessed for having met her. As great as I feel now I can not imagine how I will feel a year from now. Thank you Linda you are very gifted in what you do. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever.

Jean Godwin

My “Sweet Strength Story”—I believe I found Linda on December 2012 because life wanted it that way! To make me a better me!

As a human being it is very important for me to have connections with people that I encounter. Whether that connection is for 5 seconds or 50 years. From the very first time I sat down in Linda’s office and we were able to converse I knew right away that she was the right person to help me accomplish what I had set out to do. She was confident, passionate about her work and compassionate on the things women go through concerning their bodies and emotions! For me the goal was to be healthy. That didn’t mean losing 50 lbs. or cutting inches. It meant LEARNING how to eat right and taking care of myself the way my body deserved to be treated so that I could be a better me and a more CONFIDENT woman! We first did 2 days of physical training and one day of Wellness Coaching(where I learned about eating right and keeping mentally strong)! Since starting in December I have lost 10 lbs. and have lost several inches in my arms, legs, waist and neck! Those numbers don’t do this journey justice! Most importantly I have been eating the healthiest that I have ever ate my entire life. I have accomplished things that I never thought I would do again since high school! I have now run in 3-5k’s and 1-Mudd Run! And I am scheduled to run a 10k in October! Believe me it has been no easy journey WE have managed as team! It’s amazing what can be done when you have the support of someone who simply just understands and is willing to work as hard as you do—with added passion for her profession and knowledge!

Sweet Strength-Defining my age, inside & out…. at 29 years old!

Angie Castillo

As a 37 year old mother of two, I realized I have had a set of goals that I hadn’t achieved because of life’s busyness and challenges. I contacted Linda (Sweet Strength) and through our sessions, my goals are becoming more attainable and within reach. Goals are broken down into manageable steps in order to achieve them and to implement them into a new lifestyle. Linda did not make goals for me but listened to what I wanted to achieve and struggles that I have had. She helps her clients become equip with mental and physical tools to achieve these without being judgmental or critical.

Thank you Linda for showing me that it’s never too late to live a healthy and joyful life!


There is so much to say about Linda Mcdandel and Sweet Strength. I have been training with Linda for a year now. I have also done personal coaching with her. She is great friend and mentor to me and it is so exciting to see how gifted she is in these areas of encouraging people to be more healthy. She can work with you where you are at and help you set goals to where you want to be. I was battling depression really bad this past year and Sweet Strength has been such a blessing to me in this time. Some of best days during this trying time were after training with Linda at Gold’s Gym. She has helped me stay on track and coached me in how to change my thinking. When I did personal coaching with her I was able to become aware of what blocks me from reaching my goals and with her help were able to make new goals. She coached me in healthy dieting as well. If you are looking to live a more healthy lifestyle I would highly recommend Linda McDandel and Sweet Strength. She is the kind of person who is truly compassionate and cares for her clients. She sincerely wants you to be the best and healthiest you can be. Sweet Strength has the kind of gifting, coaching, training, and mentoring to truly help women at any age reach their fitness and personal goals. I am extremely thankful for Linda and Sweet Strength and have been truly blessed by her company.

Jessica Arroyo

I contacted Linda back in March when I was pretty much at the end of my rope. I had no idea where to turn. I had watched and felt my body go terribly downhill over the previous two years. I had been gaining weight and lost muscle power and tone. I was in pain all the time. I had even had to cut back on my work time because I couldn’t stand for eight hours at a time. Some days I couldn’t walk at all because of whatever was wrong with my knee. I have no health insurance so I couldn’t get expensive MRIs and medical treatment. I decided to take control of my body. I started working with Sweet Strength three times per week. For a few weeks I had a combination of Wellness training and personal training ,then I went to all personal training three times a week. It’s absolutely amazing how I have improved! I am strong all over. My knee is so much better! I don’t even worry if I’m going to be able to walk. I’m doing squats and all kinds of things like that! My whole body has changed. My eating habits have changed. My whole outlook on life is stronger and brighter. I’m determined to never stop taking care of myself again! Sweet Strength has taught me so much about foods and my body and also about myself mentally and emotionally!

Beth Brunson

I love my Trainer/Wellness coach I’m learning so much about exercise and eating that I never knew before!! I feel this is one of Gods lessons he put in front of me after going through sickness. She is there for all people sick and not sick you can be thin and still be unhealthy, you can be heavy and need to have someone from the outside looking in for help. Let’s not call it dieting let’s call it a way of life and do it for life. She is a very godly woman and YES she will pray for you and with you!!. Thanks Linda and may God keep teaching you all you need to know to help people. Your AWSOME!!

Lynn Schedule

I was stuck. I lived in daily torment. I knew what the problem was and it was me. I didn’t know what to do about it except to cry out to Jesus for help. I would wake up every morning and ask Jesus, “Please help me lose weight. Please help me go to You rather than food to meet my needs.” I did this for years. I was morbidly obese and there was nothing to stop me from getting bigger. It was scary.

I had breakfast with a dear friend Linda McDandel whom I hadn’t seen in a couple of years and she told me that she had started a new business doing wellness coaching. As she told me a little bit about how it worked, my heart leapt. I dared to think that maybe this was Jesus answering my prayers.

I began to meet with Linda totally by faith. I felt as if I had no hope, but I was willing to do anything to get unstuck. What Linda did was ask me questions that made me think. I mean really think. She constantly challenged me in my thinking. Then she didn’t counsel me, but instead allowed the Holy Spirit to show me truth. I was believing a huge lie that kept me stuck and Jesus set me free with the truth. I was in a pit of miry clay – mind mud – and Jesus lifted me out of that pit and placed my feet on solid rock. I’m sure you’ve noticed there’s lots of scripture here that Jesus made alive in my heart again. Linda allowed the Lord to use her and I am grateful.

As we talked about good nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, one of the things that I discovered was that there were a lot of things that were already inside of me and I just needed to let them out. For me, it was another part of becoming who I really am in Jesus. Free to be me.

It’s been a little over three months now since I started losing weight and I have lost 22 pounds and gone down an unbelievable 45 points on my cholesterol. I’m exercising regularly and doing things I’ve never done before and never thought I could. My husband has commented that what is impressive to him is the total change he sees in my life. He said that he’s never seen me do anything for more than a month or for more than what he calls “a five pound water weight loss”. What he sees is this – I am unstuck and no longer tormented. Jesus brought me freedom and He used Linda McDandel to do it.


Linda, I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for an awesome training/coaching experience! You are such an inspiration ,not only to me , but anyone that crosses your path! I don’t think I have ever met a more consistently positive person in my life! Always encouraging, always  complimenting ,always finding good things to focus on. Your outlook on life is so contagious and such a joy to be around! You are a true example of one of God’s disciples! You made me relook at,not only my physical body,but also what goes on inside as well,ie., what I put in my body(sugar!). You encouraged me to push myself a little harder and to  set small goals. You have inspired me to really take care of my “whole” body,inside and out!!!! Getting in touch with you has truly been a blessing for me! Your “Sweet strength” has empowered me like I have never been before and for that I am truly grateful!  I am once again excited about working out and transforming my body from the inside out!!! I love you, Linda and hope we  can stay in touch!!!!

Cara Hendrix

Linda has completely changed my life and the way I view myself.  Linda is so encouraging.  I never realized how negative i was concerning myself until I started training and coaching with Sweet Strength.  I have changed my perception of myself and Linda has helped me so much. I really look forward to my sessions with Linda because she truly cares about her clients and I cannot believe how fast the time goes by. I wish every woman could train with her.  My family thinks it is one of the best things I have ever done.  Thank you Linda for walking beside me and for helping me overcome many challenges.  You are absolutely wonderful and I truly enjoy working with you.

Tami Seaborn

When I began my coaching and training sessions with Linda I was a mess 🙂 really, a big, giant, unfocused, insecure mess. And Linda patiently,  lovingly and skillfully guided me in setting attainable goals, encouraging me and helping me to procure boundaries, building me up, not tearing me down. But 🙂 I never did my homework, so we started working out !! And it was awesome! She recognized that giving me a positive physical outlet for my excess energy would benefit me in all the areas of my life. It helped me focus, work towards my goals, and improved my self image. I loved it ! It was challenging and fun and I felt energized and strong. And sure 🙂 I would gripe a bit sometimes at the gym but she pushed me, in a good way lol. Life had changed dramatically for me that  year and I was flailing. With Linda’s help I began to find me again. She sincerely wants the best for us! Sweet Strength is empowering,  encouraging and uplifting 🙂 because that’s what Linda is and I highly recommend both :)!!

Colette Thomas

I felt like I had no direction in life for a long time. I started coaching sessions with Linda. She helped me with direction, self esteem, toxic thoughts, problem solving, controlling my emotions, fear being a lie, thinking outside of the box…just to name a few.

In just a short time I learned that I chose where I am in life today. I also learned that I have the ability to change where I am now to where I want to be by setting goals. One of my goals was to start training with Linda. I am now training with Linda.

Life does not have to be hard. It is amazing what we can accomplish in life! I have changed in many ways in a short period of time. I awake now every morning with an I can and will do attitude. I am at peace now.

I am so thankful for Linda and Sweet Strength.

Thank You Linda.

Laurie Le Febvre

My name is Krystle and I am thirty one years old. I have been in and out of the gym my whole adult life. Sometimes there would be months in between visits so I decided it would be best for me to inquire about having a personal trainer to help keep me motivated. I met Linda McDandel over ten plus years ago and knew how dedicated she was to wellness and fitness and thought she would be the perfect fit. I started training with Linda in the summer of 2012 and still see her twice a week today. Linda helps me stay focused and inspires me to reach for my goals. I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to her training me during the week. It helps not only keep me fit but de-stressed as well. Linda always pushes and drives me to do my best. I believe Linda knows what her clients individual needs are and how much to push them to get the results we are looking for. I always leave feeling better then when I walked in. Always. Its nice to have someone to help keep you on the right path and be your own personal cheerleader. Linda is always smiling and positive and I consider her not only my personal trainer but a good friend as well. Thank you Linda for keeping me focused and on the path to great fitness and wellness!!

Krystle Edwards

Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. You were very supportive and encouraging when I needed it most. Thank you for all of your guidance and for helping me become a better me!!

In working with you as my Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer and Life Coach, not only did I lose 10 lbs and become more tone than I’ve ever been in my life (age 55), I also had several breakthroughs with my thought patterns. You worked with me until we got to the root of the problem! Sometimes it was uncomfortable, but well worth it!

You are a Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach and Life Coach who motivates, cares about people and sets a good example! I would highly recommend you because you are competent, professional, and very goal oriented for your clients. You are the best in your field!

Tammy Young